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Ukrainian pipe market

Leaders of Ukrainian market of construction and installation of pipelines are ready to work on international level

On November 2016 in Lviv, Ukraine, there was a solemn ceremony of opening a new tramline connecting residential district Sykhiv with central part of the city. Only few people attending the ceremony knew that it was preceded by another event, not less important for the city’s life. It was replacement of old 520-meters underground non-pressure sewage collector located directly under the future tramline track. Replacement of the old sewage collector on the Stusa Street was the biggest infrastructural project implemented in the period of Ukraine’s independence over last 26 years.

Site during installationPicture 1: Site after installation

Worn-out condition of the old collector could have caused damage of the road bed above it. That’s why Lviv City Council and Lvivvodocanal organization decided to urgently replace the old collector with a new one. This difficult task was assigned to INSTALPLAST HV company and its subdivision INSTALBUD which performs works on construction and installation of internal and external pipelines, natural gas pipelines and sewage networks. Replacement works were done according to the project designed by German specialists. The works started in June 2015 and were accomplished in July 2016. Pipes PE of DN 1600 mm SN10 were used for a new collector. These pipes were manufactured by INSTALPLAST on its own equipment purchased from leading German company KRAH.

Site after installationPicture 2: Site during installation

Site after installationPicture 3: Site after installation

Presently, INSTALPLAST is the only owner of such equipment on the territory of former USSR. This equipment allows manufacturing pipes in sizes from DN 300mm up to 4000 mm with a stiffness interval of 1 SN, thus proving possibility to manufacture specific pipes for different infrastructural objects. Such approach allows customers to reduce budget costs. Similar equipment of other manufacturers allows producing pipes with only standard intervals of stiffness, e.g. SN2, SN4, SN8 etc. Top quality raw materials made by BOREALIS and SABIC were used for manufacturing pipes for the new sewage collector. Engineers of INSTALBUD used electrofusion jointing during installation of the new collector.

 Krah Electrofusion installation  Finished Krah Electrofusion  Pipe jointing
Pictures 4-6: Deep trench Krah Electrofusion pipe jointing

The installation works were done under difficult conditions with a 8m maximum depth of pipes laying. Overabundance of groundwater was another negative factor which complicated welding and installation works. INSTALBUD’s specialists also had to avoid pipelines and networks in the way of laying the new collector. One more problem was a significant slope of the landscape on the Stusa Street. In order to reduce speed of water flow in the new collector, specialists of INSTALBUD designed and manufactured 7 welded gutters made of the same SN10 pipe. Slopes on different parts of the area were considered in order to achieve the best results. Also, employees of INSTALBUD made fettling of ferroconcrete chambers of the collector to protect them from aggressive sewages (lining up the chambers from inside with a 4 mm thick polyethylene sheet).

Deep trench installation (until 8m depth)Picture 7: Deep trench installation (until 8m depth)

Handling of Krah pipe SN 10, DN 1600 by Instalplast, UKRPicture 8: Handling of Krah pipe SN 10, DN 1600 by Instalplast, UKR

Experience gained during accomplishment of the above-mentioned project allowed INSTALBUD later to implement not less difficult projects of replacement of non-pressure collectors:

  • in Nadvirna, Ivano-Frankivsk region (collector of 540m length, DN 1600mm, SN8)
  • in Irpin, Kyiv region (1200m length, DN 1000mm, SN8)
  • in Poltava (600m length, DN 750mm and 1000mm; 400 meters length, DN 750mm, SN8)
  • in Zhytomyr (580m length, DN 750mm, SN8)
  • in Zaporizhzhia (178m length, DN 1000mm, SN4)
  • in Dnipro (150m length, DN 800mm, SN8)

After implementation of those projects INSTALPLAST and INSTALBUD won customers of national importance and size, who deal not only with installation of pipelines, but also build subways and other infrastructural objects of increased complexity. Thus, after gaining experience of implementation of very difficult projects in Ukraine, companies INSTALPLAST and INSTALBUD are ready to work on international level and provide construction and installation services in different parts of the world.

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