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Krah Pipes Manila - First project

Manila, 2017. The Krah pipes producer Krah Pipes Manila, Inc. has started its first drainage project in the Philippines.

Flooding nowadays, especially in the Philippines, has been one of the major problems of the country which threatens the life of individuals, greatly affects the livelihood of families and hinders the government’s economic growth. Up to date, a lot of control measures and mitigation techniques are being performed by different local government units but unfortunately, most of the cities and provinces still experience these fateful events. On the other hand, private developers, as major providers of housing improvement and elevating the living experience of the Filipinos, have been eager in finding a solution in preventing flooding calamities to happen especially on residential areas that are about to be developed.

With this goal in mind, the first ever drainage system project of Krah Pipes Manila, Inc. (KPMI) which is situated in NuVista San Jose, Del Monte City, Bulacan, Philippines of P.A. Alvarez Properties and Development Corp. undertakes. It is a multi-hectare development that was conceived not only to provide exceptional living units but to be a self-contained community that integrates commercial areas and institutional facilities. In providing high quality and sustainable living for its future inhabitants as their main objective, P.A. Alvarez decided to innovate from the conventional reinforced concrete (RC) piping system, that has been utilized by the local contractors and developers in the Philippines up to date, to Krah’s High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) profiled wall pipes and manholes for drainage application. It is of major advantage on the client’s part since Krah pipes are way longer and are lighter than RC pipes and other materials, thus eliminating the need of using heavy equipment and numerous manpower on site resulting to a considerable decrease of the installation duration and generates manpower cost savings. Krah pipes also have a guarantee of 100% tightness, no infiltration and no exfiltration even at joints which is one of the setbacks with RC pipes. Furthermore, as the Philippines has been preparing for the coming of a high magnitude earthquake, the Big One, the use of Krah pipes are very timely since they are flexible and with high impact strength, thus, making the drainage system earthquake proof as how it was evident in Japan.

KPMI plant which is located in First Cavite Industrial Estate, Dasmariñas, Cavite in the southern part of Luzon Island of the Philippines is now fully operational to provide a complete system of large diameter HDPE pipes ranging from 400mm to 4000mm of 6 meters standard length; which includes the accessories, fittings (e.g. bends, reducers, branches), jointing system and manholes that may be designed according to the specific project requirement. Since Krah pipes are produced with the use of winding system, customizing the pipe walls will make the whole piping system cost effective and sustainable for long term use. Moreover, with the help of the project engineers’ necessary data like the soil type of embedment, overburden height, ground water level and traffic load if applicable, these data will help to calculate the best fitting wall design for the project. In this light, Krah’s advanced technology will aid in innovating our country’s infrastructure and development projects through manufacturing quality pipe systems that is tailor-designed with integrated HDPE manholes and flood control system.

The drainage project of P.A. Alvarez consists of various pipe sizes ranging from 400mm to 1200mm main lines. With an assurance of faster and one-time installation, P.A. Alvarez has opened its doors to Krah Pipes’ technology of electro-fusion jointing technique. The first jointing was made on site together with the engineers and site workers on 1000 mm diameter pipes. With a prepared site and an open trench, one jointing was made in less than an hour with a homogeneous and 100% tight connection. The supply of Krah manholes, which are prefabricated in KPMI plant, of around 150 units will significantly shorten the construction duration of the whole land development project as well.

With the use of Krah pipes that have very good hydraulic characteristics, tight connections and smooth interior surfaces, blocked pipes and leakages will be eliminated. Thus, giving a 100% working drainage system that will hold and convey stormwater runoff efficiently and effectively during the rainy season.

Now that Krah Pipes Manila, Inc. is in the Philippines, its product cost is considerably more competitive for not just the private developers but also the contractors and the government to utilize in their land development, residential projects, roads, power plants and other related undertakings in comparison to other existing HDPE pipe local suppliers. For P.A. Alvarez, this is just the beginning of their new era of improvement in terms of drainage and flood control systems.

Jeneleen Lansangnan

Jeneleen Lansangnan
Krah Pipes Manila, Inc.