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We have decided to restructure our series “ImProfil of..” and will from now on call it “Introducing....”. We have chosen our technical colleague Jochen Blickheuser to be the first one in the new layout. In the future we will also present members of our Krah Community.

Jochen has been in the company since 1986. If anyone has seen almost every department of the company – he has. He started as tool manufacturer, a few years later he moved to the construction department. When there were some restructurings he was Quality Manager for “Frank & Krah” from 1998-2006. After that he became application engineer, and now he has been in the technical sales department for almost three years.

Jochen is our “frequent flyer”. He knows the world like the back of his hand. The longest supervision journey was in Argentina in 2013/2014. He stayed there for 9 whole months. Obviously he returned home for a few days in-between to see his wife and at that time 6-year-old daughter. Travelling is his passion and he is always happy to visit our customers or partners to discuss new business or to supervise them with any technical questions. His speciality is our E-Fusion-Technology (for further information about Electrofusion on please click here).

Jochen in front of a huge Krah pipeJochen in front of a huge Krah pipe

Jochens Bio:

  • Date of birth:
  • Family:
    Married to Andrea, one daughter Mia
  • Joined Krah:
    in November 1986
  • Favourite meal:
    Argentinian steak and indian food

This year he has also been “on the road” for quite some weeks. Check out our illustration below to track his route . During his travels he is always fascinated by the culture and hospitality of the different countries. This year the focus was laid on Manila and India. In India, our longterm representative Ramesh Parasuraman organized a legendary birthday evening for Jochen – including Cocktails and more. We at Krah always take care to keep a close relationship with our customers and pipe producers who want to become one. Regular visits to factories and plants all over the world are a big constituent in our company. Last but not least we had a few questions for Jochen, he has lots to tell after 31 years.

Jochen's flight route May / June 2017Jochens flight route May / June 2017

How do you think has the demand for large plastic pipes changed in the past years?
In my personal opinion the pipe material PE is the future. The installation and durability is just so much more favourable than using other material like concrete. The problem is that concrete has been used for a very long time - although not very successfully - but people have a hard time actually believing in another material.

What do you do when you are not working for Krah?
I am married and have one daughter (9 years old), so I have to take care of them. I also like mountain biking and other sports.

You have seen so many places on earth. Which was your favourite?
That is a really good question. Although I would say that Argentina definitely is one of my favourite places. Asia is obviously also a great place to see - let alone the many spices, herbs and sauces you can find in India or Thailand.

You have been with Krah for almost 32 years now - what made you stay that long?
Krah is a very special company. In my opinion, it’s more like a big family than colleagues. The work itself has always been incredibly interesting - you always get the latest information from the pipe market that you can use for new projects and inventions.

What are your thoughts on Chinese copies?
Generally, I don’t like “wearing borrowed plumes”. We invested the money, time, ideas and hard work to develop a complex pipe production plant like the KR800 for example. Obviously the copied machines don’t provide the same quality and service as we do. As you know we don’t just provide the machine and then you’ll never see us again. We offer a full-on service, including marketing support, planning and financing support, special trainings for employees and additional machinery. Also part of the After-Sales-Service is regular maintenance, upgrade kits for older machines and spare part supply.

Lisa and Jochen