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Top story from the Pipe and Profile Extrusion magazine

The Pipe and Profile Extrusion magazine wrote an article about our pipe production.
Here is an excerpt of the text:

It may seem like a case of sheer brute force, but the technology needed to produce large pipe – often more than 2m in diameter – requires sophistication and close control. After all, even a small increase in pipe wall thickness will mean a lot of material is being given away.

Krah Advanced Technologies (KAT) has recently developed new technology to produce large diameter pipes. It says that the equipment can be used to make structured wall pipes and solid wall pipes at high output – but without sagging problems or frozen stresses.
The company says that its KR800-Max production line has been used to make 1,000mm internal diameter SN8 pipe, at an output of 1,300kg/hour – including co-extruded inner layer with electrofusion and spigot.
Also, it was used to make 2,000mm, SDR11 pipe – for pressure or outfall applications – at an output of 1,400kg/hour.
The same machine has been able to extrude a pipe DN/ID2000mm, SDR11, for pressure or outfall application.
Also the solid wall had no frozen stresses and no sagging...

If you want to read the full article, just click on the download below.
The complete magazine can be read through this link.