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Certification of Quality & Performance

Certification of Quality & Performance

The global situation of large diameter plastic pipe producers and machine suppliers is steadily increasing. Unfortunately we had to notice that many producers say they are producing Krah pipes only because they produce similar pipes on our machines or even on copies of our production plants.

I have been confronted with so-called “Krah pipes” myself, which neither correspond to our demands nor to international norms. Furthermore I was lead to “Krah production plants” (supposedly produced in China in our name), which didn’t even come close to producing sustainable, accurate Krah system components.

Of course we feel flattered when not only our products but also our name ‘Krah’ is copied which globally stands for good quality. However, we decided to even raise our quality standard and to give producers the possibility to get certified of really having a real Krah approved quality product. And also to have the opportunity to advertise with the certificate on the market. This also serves to integrate a clear quality hurdle in public tenders – products of high quality can be clearly distinguished from cheap products with low quality.
To enable this we have planned an inspection concept together with an external auditor which screens the pipe production company and tests the products complementing to international norms.
Parts of the annual testing are:

  • Condition of the production means ( production plant)
  • Inspection of machine by maintenance plan / maintenance intervals
  • General condition of production plant and work conditions of employers
  • Testing of the quality control system and if it corresponds to the current requirements
  • Inspection of the quality laboratory ( Equipment, test interval and maintenance)
  • Random sample testing of the incoming goods inspection (raw material) and the required documentation
  • Qualitative assessment of the used raw material
  • Random testing of size accuracy of Krah pipe products which are about to be dispatched or are on stock.
  • Testing of the marking of non-accurate Krah pipes products
  • Testing of qualification and further training for employees with respect to Krah pipe products and their quality
  • Successful questioning and evaluation of the management with respect to production quality, production conditions and the social responsibility of the entrepreneur for employers, customers, suppliers and the environment.

Krah certificate of quality and performance

Only companies that pass these random tests are allowed to advertise its pipe products with the Krah pipes certificate. The certificate has a standard term of one year and usually ends with the 30th June.

Furthermore the certified companies are named on and and in every issue of our newsletter “ImProfil”.  On many global marketing measures of Krah Pipes Germany explicit indications for the certified companies can be found.

For some companies the test procedure has already begun so we can issue the first certificates already in May 2017.

Alexander Krah
CEO-Krah Pipes GmbH & Co KG