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Intake pipeline DN/ID 800mm

Intake pipeline DN/ID800mm with submerged chamber of DN/ID2000mm

96 meter of ID800 intake pipeline + ID2000 submerged chamber. Installed partly into a trench to a depth of approximately 3 meters.

One of our customers from Finland approached us with a request for 96m of SN8 pipes for a project. After the initial price quotations we were asked more technical questions and we actually found out that the pipes were meant for a intake pipeline. After convincing the customer that the regular SN8 pipes might not be the correct choice for such a project, we were asked to provide a technical solution for this exact task.

As a first step we calculated the theoretical profile that would be sufficient in such installation conditions. After receiving the customer’s approval on the price, we then carried out more thorough analyses of the situation and three FE simulations in order to approve the profile design:

1.    Concrete connection and GRP flanges deflected to max radius of 48 meters (24h parameters)
2.    Pipeline deflected to 48 m radius (24h parameters)
3.    Pipeline afloat with 6kN concrete weights on distance 6m btw the centres (1 week parameters)

After the FE simulations we approved the profile PR54-007.00 (14/4/120) with the following technical parameters given to the construction company:
Total uplift of the pipe: 564,4 kg/m
Uplift of the submerged pipe, 100% water filled: 49,75 kg/m
Minimum bending radius in submerging process: 48 meters
Concrete ballast blocks (dry weight): 600 kg/piece
Mounting distance of the ballast blocks on the pipeline: 3meters (between the centres)
Dimensions of the ballast blocks (based on the option chosen by the construction company): inner diameter 938mm, outer diameter 1300mm, width 400 mm
The prewelded pipe together with the ID2000 chamber was successfully sunken in December 2016.

Peeter Kirtsi, CEO Krah Pipes OÜ