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Open House at Krah

On the 22nd and 23rd March Krah had an Open House in their factory in Schutzbach, Germany.

Open House at Krah. From left to right: Glen Sabin, Sven Jürgens and Jason ShingletonOpen House at Krah.
From left to right: Glen Sabin, Sven Jürgens and Jason Shingleton

Global customers and interested companies were invited for a test run of the machine with its new features and advantages. While watching the machine running, they were able to understand how Krah technology works and which advantages it implicates.

In our newly designed “Krah-Lounge” we had a little buffet in the factory with typical German “Schnitzel” and “Currywurst”, prepared from a local butcher.
When lunch was done our colleague Marina used our “pipe bar” from the K exhibition 2016 to mix some cocktails for everyone.
The design of the new lounge took us a lot of time and patience, but in the end we went from a „naked“ storage room to a nice, comfortable lounge.

Our technicians and designers in the plant construction department worked hard on the development of this machine and were happy to see that all customers - and the board of management- were really impressed by the development of the machine compared to the first edition of the KR800, which was developed in 2014.

New KR800-MAXNew KR800-MAX

We have already built 3 of these new machines and are looking forward to build many more.
It only implicates advantages for the customer.