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Krah Pipes - Protecting life!

Krah pipes – protecting life!

Krah Pipes OÜ in Estonia has always been keen on developing out of the box solutions and thus opening new fields of application for the Krah pipes. No one imagined that a product, developed few years back together with another Estonian company Vesimentor OÜ, would lead the way into a completely new segment for the industry. In 2012 Vesimentor OÜ approached Krah with an idea to produce underground cellars for food & wine storage. The product was released to the market and successfully sold over the years by Vesimentor OÜ.

Sometimes it happens that a completely random event can start a process of development one just cannot expet. At a meeting during one industry fair a random question was asked. And after a short consideration of possibilities the answer was – yes. This was the start of a completely new product – a bomb shelter. A design that is meant to be completely different from the conventional options. A bomb shelter that is:

  • Completely water tight
  • Has a small weight
  • Mobile
  • Can be installed really fast
  • Can be relocated after usage
  • Is repeatedly usable
  • Has vast number of options when compiling the shelter system

The first of the shelters was manufactured for testing purposes in 2014 and during the year many different test were carried out. Amongs them distant shooting with 155mm howitzers, short range bombardment with 81mm mortars, locally planted shells (up to 120mm) and explosives (up to 54kg). During the military exercises also 500lb aviation bombs dropped and the shelter was used as a target for the practice. The shelter was equipped with analyzers for pressure, sound and vibration during the testing and the results recorder in order to understand the effect of the explosions to the people inside.

Large Krah pipe as bomb shelterLarge Krah pipe as bomb shelter

We can proudly say, that the shelter survived all these tests and is still buried in the shooting range waiting for the next round of weapons aimed at it.

Krah pipe bomb shelter exampleKrah pipe bomb shelter example

Our scope of supply of the shelters includes special purpose modules of which every one is designed for a certain purpose, for example including but not limited to sleeping module, kitchen, washing room, toilets, warehouse, coldroom/freezers, technological support room etc. In addition to that a completely new special purpose module can be designed according to the customer requests. Each module is usable as a separate shelter or it can be used as a part of a larger shelter system, compiled according to the requests of the customer. In addition to standard equipment auxiliary systems like CBRN protection, air and water purification systems etc.

All standard modules can be transported using regular trucks – the outside dimensions and the weight of the modules correspond to all legislative norms on regular road transportation. The weight of the standard modules is 2-3 tonnes, so even excavators used for digging the installation trench, can be used for loading and unloading the modules. It takes about 1,5h to install one standard module, this includes all the operations from arriving to the construction site and leaving from there.

Buried Krah pipe bomb shelterBuried Krah pipe bomb shelter

The standalone shelter module or the more complicated shelter system can be easily relocated, when the services of the system is not required any more in a certain location. The possibility the repeatedly use shelter in different locations is one of the advantages of this type of system. The number of the installation cycles is not limited.

Different models and parts of Krah pipe bomb shelterDifferent models and parts of Krah pipe bomb shelter

The bomb shelter and many other military related products are marketed and sold by Terramil OÜ, a joint venture between Krah Pipes OÜ and Kristo Kirs, the founder of Vesimentor OÜ. You can find more information about our products at