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Comtruder GmbH

Energy savings up to 33% - New innovation in the compounding technology!

In September 2016 the Comtruder GmbH, based in Schutzbach, Germany, put the first compounder “ECO 800” in operation.

The Comtruder GmbH is a successful start-up business in the field of plastic technology and mechanical engineering. The CEO Ms. Lelde Muizniece is looking forward to a bright future for the company. The company will compound various plastic materials as well as sell compounding plants worldwide. First international contacts have already been made.

Lelde Muizniece

The new technology shows significant savings in the energy-sector. Recently produced compounds show an energy saving of more than 30%. The energy input is displayed on the screen of the machine so that it can be continuously monitored and serve as a reliable proof.

The technology is legally protected by its patent application “DE 10 2015 014 865.6 Mehrwellige kontinuierlich arbeitende Misch- und Knetmaschine” and can only be used and sold by the Comtruder GmbH.

Differences between the conventional and our new process technology:

Certain multi-mix process screw elements feature the required effects through their special design and quadruple threading.

Our novel and unique multi-mix process screw elements are designed to increase the mixing effect. The new multi-mix elements have special design variants which are basically designed combining symmetry or asymmetry together with differently milled surfaces of the screw crests, and different screw gaps, hence the required melting and mixing processes can be realized considerably better than with the conventional kneading and mixing systems. Consequently, the double kneading and mixing power is reached due to the design of our new multi-mix process elements while energy remains saved.

Compared to usual kneading blocks, the dispersal and mixing force is especially increased by the asymmetric formation of the elements and the increased surfaces of the crests of screw elements.

Additionally, the tips of the elements are increased in such a way that the double dispersion is achieved without the enlargement of the screw elements.

For instance: During the compounding of HDPE MFI 0,3 with filler an energy saving of 33.8% was achieved.
All kind of commodity plastics and technical compounds can be proceed.


Employees of the Comtruder GmbH can be met at the K fair in Dusseldorf, Germany at the booth of Krah / KHB group (Hall 16, booth D77).