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The HAS-System - innovative fitting welding system

The HAS-System - An innovative fitting welding system

Since 2015 the company Henze is part of the Krah group. At this year’s Krah Community Meeting the new generation of the HAS fitting welding system was presented by Henze.

The HAS-Fitting is:

• suitable for branches at all kinds of helically wound pipes.
• suitable for branches at direct extruded pipes too.
• available from OD 125 mm until OD 225 mm
• easy and quick to assemble
• especially designed for requirements of sewer pipe systems.
• available in polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP)
• same durability as the main pipe system

Due to the current development of the system the HAS-fitting is also applicable for solid-wall pipes and profiled pipes from OD 225 mm. The fitting welding system is consistent of well-matched welding devices and fittings. This makes it possible for the fittings to be welded into all plastic pipe systems out of HDPE and PP. In comparison to mechanical jointed branches the HAS-fitting convinces with a 100% safety and water-tightness. The user receives an absolute homogenously welded branch with smooth surfaces to avoid any additional disturbance for the flow media/sewage.
The HAS-system is based on the principle of the heating element-socket welding.
The whole installation-process is designed to manage it under site conditions - just from the outside and while the collector is running.

Step 1:
Firstly a hole is drilled with a hole saw where then a clamping-device is being fastened on the pipe.

Step 2:
By using the milling device a conical shape is made accordingly to the heating element.

Step 3:
Both the fitting and the pipe are being heated up with the according heating elements.

Step 4:
After the recommended heating time the heating elements are removed and the HAS fitting is pressed into the main pipe .

Step 5:
In order to carry out this matter swiftly, the heating elements are equipped with a lifting device. A quick nut makes it possible to guarantee a fast and equal joining.

Step 6:
After a quick, fixated cooling time the welding device can be removed.

Step 7 (optional):
As addition to the system there is a scraper tool with which you can remove the protruding parts of the welded fitting inside the main pipe. The fitting is now absolutely flush-mounted. There are no leftovers that protrude into the main channel which could cause additional disturbance for the flow media/sewage.

The whole installation procedure takes about 15 minutes regarding pipes with a wall thickness of 85mm.
Up to now there are 4 fitting diameters with different welding depths available:


The belonging devices and heating elements are accordingly dimensioned.

All participants were amazed by the easy handling and the perfect welding connection. With their own eyes, they could see how easy the usage of this system is without knowing much about it.

Henze also reported that the system is being successfully used for some low pressure applications as well.
The devices are being distributed worldwide by Krah GmbH, Germany. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Krah GmbH
Betzdorfer Str.8 
57520 Schutzbach
+49 2741- 9764-44
Henze GmbH Kunststoffwerk
Josef-Kitz-Straße 9
53840 Troisdorf
+49 2241-98190