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Krah E-Box 44 MS - the new generation

Krah E-Box 44 MS –the new generation

After having introduced the socket welding device Krah E-Box 33 now the Krah E-Box 44 MS is available and was presented on the Krah Community Meeting.

This device was especially developed for the area of large diameter pipes. Up to now two separate devices were needed for the welding process, since from a pipe diameter of DN1400 you need two heating circles for the welding process.

Should smaller pipes be welded with only one heating circle it’s possible to weld two pipes at the same time together. Also a simultaneous welding of pipes with different diameters and welding parameters is possible at any time. This is possible because the welding parameters can be put in independently.

The import of the welding parameters is made with a barcode scanner and can optionally be entered manually on a keyboard. Furthermore the device can also be used as a single welding device. For this the slave unit can be undocked from the master unit and can be used on its own.

Due to the higher weight the E-Box 44MS is being delivered on a driving unit. Also the connection cable for the transport is being held on there. A box for the retention of smaller pieces for welding adapters and tools is also available.

Further points are:

  • Welding area up to DN4000mm
  • Automatic logging up to 10.000 protocols
  • Data input via keyboard or barcode scanner
  • Welding monitoring of all important data
  • System monitoring
  • Traceability after ISO 12176-3/4
  • Data output via print menu on a USB stick Languages: DE,EN,FR,BG,CS,ZH,NL,FI,GR,IT,NO,RO,SK,TR,RU, on request more

Technical dates:

  • Initial stress: 8V - 48V
  • Output current: max. 150 A
  • Input voltage: 400V (3P/N/PE)
  • Input frequency: 40Hz - 70Hz
  • Current consumption: AC 16 A
  • Temperature range: -20°C bis +60°C
  • Power cord: 5m mit EUR-Stecker
  • Welding cable: 7m mit 6mm Anschlusskontakten
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Measurements: B 636 x H1130 x T630mm

The devices are being distributed worldwide by Krah GmbH, Germany. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

Krah GmbH
Betzdorfer Str. 8
57520 Schutzbach
+49 2741- 9764-44

Krah E-Box 44

Krah E-Box 44

Krah E-Box 44

Krah E-Box 44

Krah E-Box 44