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A new and innovative solution - house connections for large spiral-wound Pipes


The Krah Community Member Henze GmbH offers his patented House Connection Solution HAS-160/225 to all Krah Community Members (Patent No. DE 102005051560B4) and to all large plastic pipe users (PE and PP pipe systems).

Finally, a quick, secure and cost effective solution for house connections of large plastics pipes is available. The complete installation of the HE-HAS will be done from outside, so the installation can be done under operating conditions. No manual „hand-extrusion welding“ is anymore required, but a special heating element fusion system is used, according to DVS2207.

The HE-HAS house connection is available in two connection sizes: DN160-SDR17,6 and DA 225-SDR17,6. So other pipe materials, like PVC, PP can be jointed easy. The HE-HAS house connection can be done on solid wall pipes, according to DIN8074/75, DN/EN 12666, DIN16961, EN13476, ASTM F894, NBR7373 and PAS...

Anschlussstutzen DA 160 HAS 7




Collector sizes are:

>= DN/ID300 – maximum profile height/solid wall thickness = 85 mm

>= DN/ID600 – maximum profile height/solid wall thickness = 145 mm

5 6

Approved for HENZE and KRAH pipes !


Installation procedure:

  1. A hole will be drilled in the pipe
  2. The tensile equipment will be inserted through this hole into the main pipe
  3. The existing hole will be made conically
  4. A heating element will be inserted
  5. After the fusion temperature is reached, the heating element will be removed
  6. The HE-HAS house-connection will be inserted and the fusion pressure will be build up
  7. After cooling, the inner parts of the house connection will be scalped off, so that the main pipes has a smooth surface again.

The average installation time is only 15-20 min.


The new house connection HE-HAS has the following advantages:

  • Very cost effective
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Long life time
  • Welded technology
  • 100% water tight
  • No leakage during soil movements, thanks to welding
  • The connection can be done during an operating line


Prices for the welding equipment (HE-HAS-WE) can be obtained on request (on purchase or renting basis).



Beside the HE-HAS-WE welding equipment you need only the HE-HAS house connection parts.

List prices are between 60,00 EURO-100,00 EURO/pcs.

HAS 2 5073


Any further technical or commercial information on request.

Henze GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. A. Wittner
Joesef-Kitz-Str. 9
53840 Troisdorf