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Ich verstehe

"What´s that you´re doing, Mr. Jordan?"

Mr. Jordan is a trained „IT-Specialist”, who has been working in Krah development department for 3 years. He´s currently responsible for the programming of the PLC of new machines.


"I´m programming the PLC for our newest development – a small extrusion line to produce the cones of manholes. The purpose of developing this machine is to produce even more stable, and high quality manhole cones, instead of fabricating them out of pipe segments. For this type of production a very sophisticated control unit is needed inside, but from outside, the end user will only see a very easy and user-friendly front-end. This machine will provide Krah-pipe producers to add very high quality cones to their sales program. Due to the low investment (compared to other technologies e.g. injection molding) a very cost effective product can be produced.

The usual developing time of a comparable control system is one year. I´m working in a team of several colleagues, where everybody is an expert in his own field. We are here to fulfill the market requirements in finding technical solutions."

Krah GmbH is regularly training IT specialists.